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problems sending PMs


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Hi Dean, members,

I was wondering if we are experiencing another crash or just a glitch? i sent a few PMs earlier today, then this afternoon, not one would go out at all, receiving an error message.

Anyone else having the same prob, or is it just maybe something on my end?  



"I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!"-Dr. Seuss :P

north central east coast of Florida

halfway between Daytona and St. Augustine

15 mi inland

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Just sent you a PM. It seemed to work OK on this end. Try again.

Thanks to those of you who help make this a fun and friendly forum.

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  • 1 month later...


I sent you a PM as a test.

For everyone else......I mentioned to Kathyrn that if you send/receive a lot of PMs, you need to clean them out from time to time. There is a limit to what you can keep.

BTW --- Sent PMs don't show up as sent unless you click the box each time to have it saved as a sent PM.

Thanks to those of you who help make this a fun and friendly forum.

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Luis, You must check the box each time if you want a sent PM to be placed in your sent folder. Otherwise nothing happens.


Kona, on The Big Island
Hawaii - Land of Volcanoes

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Some members have sent me some PM's and they aren't showing up on my IPS account or attached email account???


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Kathryn and JD,

Are you able to read the PM in your email?

When I get an email indicating a I have a PM, I can read the message right there in my email. If it's not in there, then I would assume the sender may have inadvertently sent a blank PM.

Something else I have seen is sometimes people have unintentionally placed a person on their ignore list. That prevents them from contacting you, and prevents you from seeing their posts. In the upper right hand corner of every post is an ignore button that people click on by accident sometimes. I'm not sure what would happen if the sender had accidently put you on their ignore list.

I get many PMs inquiring about problems like this, and I have yet to find a problem that has not been user error. That doesn't mean it can't happen, I just haven't seen it yet. I always send a PM to check, and it always works, and if only one or two members are experiencing problems every month, I have to assume that for the other 1000 members things are working.

Please tell me if you saw any PM text in your email notice.

Thanks to those of you who help make this a fun and friendly forum.

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