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Windmill troubles


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I bought this bare rooted windmill a couple of weeks ago and it looked great aside from a few bent fronds. I skipped one day watering and came home to it looking awful and shriveled. The center spear is still firm but all of the fronds are looking more and more dead by the day. Is this a really bad case of transplant shock? The soil and pot are well draining and I put in some slow release palm fertilizer. Thoughts? I really hope it pulls through.



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Yea transplant shock and that plant looks to have been grown in heavy shade so you probably sun burned it too. 

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Over watered and maybe root rot

That pot is too big for the palm potentially 

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I did the same thing. Put a small palm in a big pot and gave lots of water and suffocated my palm. 

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I agree.  Find a half sun shade situation for a while then ease it out into the sun.  Less watering.  If done this before myself. It’ll come back, had some washies do this to me recently and they took about a month to turn around.

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Definitely overpotted. Probably overwatered too. You may want to unpot it and check the roots; white roots are healthy, black/brown roots are dead or dying. How well does that soil drain? It looks a bit mucky to me. That and all the water you poured on it turns soil soggy and suffocates roots.


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I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus' garden in the shade.

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