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Mediterranean Fan Palm Question


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I recently purchased a Mediterranean Fan Palm from a local nursery.  As you can see in the photo the fronds are stretched out.  I'm assuming this is due to the amount of light it received through it's life.  I prefer the fronds to be more compact.  Is there an issue with trimming them off and letting them start again?


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Don't trim them all off at once. Best to leave it alone in full sun to start growing a more compact crown during your summer. If you must trim, take off only those fronds that  infringe on walkways and trim sparingly. When you remove all fronds, you destroy the palm's ability to photosynthesize and remove vital nutrients it might reabsorb if leaves were to die off normally. They general rule is not to cut off green fronds on any palm if you can possibly avoid doing so. Chamaerops are slow growing esp. in your climate, so this one will likely starve to death before it regrew enough leaves to nourish itself. You can't insist on instant gratification when growing palms.

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My rule is if its got any green leave it on. That helps the plant grow better the more leaf/frond surface the better. Bigger pot or in the ground will make it thicken up for sure!

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