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Windmill palm help!!!


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I have a windmill palm for the past two years that the spear has pulled out. Just when I think its dead it pushes a spear up but it take FOREVER for it to open...if it does.Could this palm be junk and I should just throw it away instead of wasting my time or is something else going on? Can a plant like this ever recover and be normal and what causes that anyway?

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Of course it was weakened by the the damage which resulted in the spearpull. Fact is that it did reproduced a new spear so it isn't dead! But the slow evolution on the spear may indicate that this palm is growing new roots as well. Only with a healthy root ball the growth will take off again. I have the same situation on a Livistonia here, where I didn't had spearrot but which did loose all the foliage and where the spear didn't move a inch for months now.

You could make a horizontal mark with a permanent waterproof marker in the speer just above the stem fibres to detect the least bit of growth.


Kind regards

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