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Palms potted in neat coir

Neil C

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I've noticed an increasing amount of potted palms for sale that appear to be planted in nothing but coir. On the plus side I can see that this is great for root growth, is lightweight and tends not to get waterlogged. On the negative side I would imagine very low in nutrients, relatively expensive and time consuming compared to usual potting mix. I would love to hear other's views on this practice and wether they have noticed an increase in this in their areas? I've tried a few potted palms in potting mixes containing coir with different percentages for a few years now and I must say that the results are fairly inconclusive.

Regards Neil

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I've tried growing a small Chamaedorea Radicalis in some and it struggles....but I can't condemn the coir since it's just the one example.

I do have a Christmas palm seedling growing in the small clay balls only and it does well. They must hold in some moisture because water basically runs through when I water it.

So far.....the best medium I've used especially for tricky tropicals that like moisture but not wet all the time is small bit orchid mix I get at the local hydroponics store.

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Yes ive noticed local palm nursery in Sydney

With palms only grown with coco coir.

Did you see it in a nursery up in Brisbane

Palms for brisbane? 

I use it for all my seedlings with perlite 50/50

I also add extra calcium and magnesium every so often as it tends to have low (cation exchange capacity)

That's what I've read about anyway. ..


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Yes this has all been seen around Brisbane in place like Bunnings and from specialist nurseries.

Regards Neil

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