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The Spring Burn-off is Done, New Growth Incoming!


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So, I have put everything out on the balcony on and off (freeze warnings) for almost the last month.  But, we have had our first back to back 80F degree days (90 degrees actually) this weekend. 

Of course, on one of the days earlier this week I was away from home and some of my previously indoor-only palms got full Nebraska sun for about 14 hours.  Everybody had plenty of water, but all of the newest leaves went silver in an afternoon.  Now they're not just down and brown, they're crispy, whispy and light tan at this point.

But the like the Phoenix rising from the ashes...  I have a LOT of new growth!  This happens in some way every year, but it seems the burning off of the newest fronds kicks new spear-push into overdrive.  And they're all deep dark green monsters!  (though, to be pushing this rapidly, maybe it's not the burn but the first exposure outside a couple weeks ago?)

What's your experience with the first big sun of the spring?

"Ph'nglui mglw'napalma Funkthulhu R'Lincolnea wgah'palm fhtagn"
"In his house at Lincoln, dread Funkthulhu plants palm trees."

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My Cat Palm fried when I set it outside last month, I cut off all the dead/damaged stuff and the new growth has already become apparent. Also, the newest fronds on my Majesty Palm have been turning tan/white as they open up. It should grow out of that soon though.

No 90's yet, although we got close last month with 88F. More 80's next week. I'll be fertilizing the remainder of my palms later on today.

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