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Liquid fertilizer?


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I've read many posts about using "liquid fertilizer" so was wondering what is meant by that. Fish Emulsion? dry granular like Miracle Grow dissolved in water? or is there a liquid premix specific for palm trees.  Insight would be helpful.

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I use the Jack's Classic Palm Food by JR Peters in my basic fertigation/drip set up.  This will really be the first year of seeing how that works.

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Ben Rogers

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I use Maxsea 16-16-16 + CalMag at a very dilute rate on seedlings with varying degrees of success. If using pure water in soilless media, levels of B and Mn are too low in this combo and trouble will ensue in many species. I have never had good long-term success with liquid fertilizer drenches vs broadcast palm formulated ferts. Currently, am shifting back to Dynamite 10-10-17+ micros x 270 day slow release prills incorporated into seedling mixes, rather than having to lean on liquid ferts.

Fish emulsion is OK as a quick N boost to green (some) things up, but ratios are all wrong for base fertilizer for most plants other than ferns, sedges and (some) grasses.

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I will hit my container ranch with a label instruction mix of 20-20-20 every couple months.  Does no harm, seems to help (more than just coffee grounds, anyway).  

I've wanted to try granular or spikes, but I've been too afraid I'd burn up a pot with it.  Maybe we should just have a general Fert-Thread and everybody can say what they use?

"Ph'nglui mglw'napalma Funkthulhu R'Lincolnea wgah'palm fhtagn"
"In his house at Lincoln, dread Funkthulhu plants palm trees."

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2 hours ago, Kai said:

I use this stuff. Much more diluted than advised. And I apply it more often than advised.



and pokon palm


It seems to work alright.

I'm using the same but I follow the recomended amount. I usually fertilize every 15 days.


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