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What's on my trachycarpus fortunei


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Hey today i noticed some white incest on my palm 

i immediately spray some insecticide soap on my palm a little bit


when i squeezed the white bug, it had blood inside

what could it be?

Me living room is heated so i move my palm outside even though  it feels  3•C

i'll place my palm tree in my bedroom which is not heated





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Looks to me like maybe a variety of mealy bug. Google "mealy bug" and check out images. Some of them are more pinkish than all white. 

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Zone 9b (formerly listed as Zone 9a); Sunset 14

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Definitely mealy bug.   

Muse a Jose or some sort of other forceful water spray to remove them.  Then sorey with insecticidal soap.   Depending on how bad he infestation is, you mean need to repeat this process several times.  It may even become just a matter of controlling them as they can be extremely difficult to eradicate.   If that's the case you'll also probably want to use a grandular systemic inscectiside.      

Good luck and keep us updated.  

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