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Butinae Hybrid


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hi guys,

I need your help, I'm looking for pictures of butinae hybrids, and especially Butia x parajubaea, Butia yatay x Jubaea, Butia yatay x Syagrus, Jubaea x Syagrus romanzoffiana in order to publish it in the french magazine of the association "les fous de palmiers"

Any crazy hybrid picture would be much appreciated.

You can reply here or PM me.



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Search and ye shall find many...

Pretty easy to find with a Google Image Search as well.

Ben Rogers

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I think Raniked is asking for a picture so he can use it to publish.  Many don't realize, but you cannot simply pull a photo out of a Google search and legally publish that photo. 


If I had such a palm I'd be happy to donate one for such a purpose.


Good luck!

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