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Hurricane Matt - could it hit Florida ???


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Well , I have just now gotten back on the net , and got power late yesterday. Currently 7:25 pm 10-13-16
This part of town is really an old forest , and there are hundreds of trees down , now the streets are canyons

of debris piles , and many damaged cars , houses etc. 
I have a large tree , laying on my ( detached ) garage . It did not punch thru though , but broke the
eave and at least one rafter . The neighbor and I will work this out later , after the hubub settles down .
The house survived , thankfully . I worked myself into a recurrence of my back problems , both before and after
the storm . I went to the Doc yesterday , and it is Compressed discs L4 and L5 , with L4 bulging some what .The nerve is
being touched when I move certain ways , and I can't bend over much . Been almost the bad before , and I have some drugs
now to help , but it has usually returned to a tolerable level in the past , so ....... I lost one large Queen Palm , and have

damage on some Butias , and will be removing some others most likely .
This little house has 17 windows to cover , and combined with all of the other work necessary Pre- Storm , did me in .
Afterwards I had to cut up two medium sized trees , by hand , to be able to get out of the driveway. (I cannot use a
gas Chain saw , because I am Pacemaker dependent . ). Then there was still the 155ft drive ,18" deep and more in small branches
and twigs , etc along with tons of Spanish Moss. just what my back didn't need , but being able to leave if necessary was important to me .
Glad this one is over . I'll be continuing clean-up , and putting more debris out for a while . ( I ran out of room out
along the street for debris pile ) .
Carolina and Georgia folks , you have my sympathy for sure . Good luck !

This is Biketoberfest in Daytona , and the Hilton and several other big motels are closed down for repairs .
The party's still on !!

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