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Princeps growing in southeast Iowa.


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Thats a beauty Henoh!

Thanks Rice.

Here are some more pics Hammer-Thx






It is so nice to walk out and see this palm every morning:D






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Jim...you just need to go ahead and build a biodome. Yard is looking great.

David Simms zone 9a on Highway 30a

200 steps from the Gulf in NW Florida

30 ft. elevation and sandy soil

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There are T.ferns on the east side of the house.


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C.Robusta left/D.Antarctica right.


There is a bigger Cooperi nearby,not sure if I have another

pic besides the one with the unfurling croziers above.


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Will be nice to get this one in the ground

at some point....T.Misan,cool little palm!





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One more...2 C.Volcano x C.Cerifera ...we'll see if they become blue

or anything like a Volcano...



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Really awesome..  your collection is great!   That Tricho...  where did you get that?  It looks so much different than the one I have.. I'm pretty sure mine is a terscheckii but.. is that a terscheckii??   The trachycarpus look way better in your climate than they do here.  Impressive!  How tall do princeps get ? The number of segments make that palm look so much cooler.. does it have wind resistance ?

Nice man..


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Thats a good question about wind resistance...

not real sure but they seem to do ok...as long as

the wind isn't blowing-lol


Seriously they seem ok 


Yes on the Tricho...Terscheckii is what it was sold as from someone

on e-bay-

Yeah...the Princeps is a true Prince in the Trachy world maybe growing

to at least 30' from habitat pics I have seen,possibly taller but they do

grow on the sides of cliffs.

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