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Entrance Singapore Botanic Gardens

Peter Timmermans

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This is one of the entrances of Singapore Botanic Gardens. Stunning landscaping with palms!

IMG_1786 (Large).JPG

IMG_1809 (Large).JPG

IMG_1852 (Large).JPG

IMG_1858 (Large).JPG

IMG_1867 (Large).JPG

IMG_1869 (Large).JPG

IMG_1877 (Large).JPG

IMG_1881 (Large).JPG

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Was just there a couple of weeks ago. Very dramatic, to say the least!

Searle Brothers Nursery Inc.

and The Rainforest Collection.

Southwest Ranches,Fl.

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One of my favorite places in there Peter.  Been there twice now, in June 11 and August 15 (both business, but i make room for a weekend). The mix of joeys, lipsticks and licuala in that small space is simply stunning. I remembered a Licuala cordata there too with >>1 m across circular leaves.

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