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Young Needle Palm Hardiness


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On 2/22/2017, 4:55:09, Laaz said:

I cut the pups & root them all the time. I have never sealed or did anything to the truck & they don't miss a beat.



Do you wait for the suckers to get a particular size before cutting them (to maximize survival)?  I've got one I'd like to trim at some point.

Around here Home depot and Walmart sell the ~2g blue pot palms....but strangely Lowes does not.  At Walmart they hit 50% off at some point in the fall but sell out fast (only got one on sale last year).  Home Depot never discounts them, even if they're dying - unfortunate because they've got the better selection.

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Needle palms are surviving here on an island off the maine coast. So far they’ve endured -6 unprotected this winter. The Trachy is on its third winter here, I’ve constructed a wooden shelter during the coldest month, I start construction in the October beginning with the wind barrier as it’s northwestern exposure and cover it to keep snow off. Endures the temps well too.




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On 1/7/2017 at 4:32 PM, faceyourfaces said:

Unfortunately I did not buy any rose cones but I will make sure to soon, providing they survive this weekend.

After their late November mulching:




It has been snowing all day and it will continue for 6 more hours. Hopefully they make it through.

Any updates on your palms?

Zone 6b maritime climate

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