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How do your palms do in clay pots?

Brad Mondel

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7 hours ago, Pal Meir said:

1 - Statistically I grew up 98% from seeds, 1% from seedlings, and 1% from juvenile plants (in the 1960s and 70s it was very hard to get palm seeds). At present the only seedlings not grown up by myself are presents from Kai (actually I asked him only for Lytocaryum hoehnei seedlings).

2 - I tried to teach analytic scientific methods, and not to believe evident nonsense even if peer reviewed by mainstream scientists (one example: »Comets brought water to Earth« etc.).

3 - Palms were only one of my hobbies. My first interests were the history of our planet Earth (minerals, fossils) as part of our solar system, our galaxy, etc. The main problem I had in the 1960s was (again) the main stream in sciences: Things  taught in majors like astronomy were (and are) evidently only very strange »theories« contradicting all (!) observations (made & published by themselves) and physical laws. — But I was also interested in (ancient) languages, the older the better (that’s one reason why my active English performance is quite bad, because the English language is too new).

The older the fossil-language the more words will miss for plants and animals absent in the area where the language was born and for inventions outside ame area as well.

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