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Bactris ferruginea


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The palm tree is not so beatiful , but its fruits are delicious ,very sweet and resemble jabuticabas.  THE BEST PALM FRUIT.56df5d7938135_Itacar111.thumb.JPG.286df956df5db9b6e78_Itacar112.thumb.JPG.40fdb256df5ddd704dc_Itacar113.thumb.JPG.925b6a56df5c41983ff_Itacar109.thumb.JPG.a76af656df5c7087a98_Itacar107.thumb.JPG.0e44a256df5cbf65471_Itacar110.thumb.JPG.d610e256df5d0b80b6c_Itacar115.thumb.JPG.c42a11

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I always dig pictures of fruiting palms 

Carlsbad, California Zone 10 B on the hill (402 ft. elevation)

Sunset zone 24

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Very nice!

Larry Shone in wet and sunny north-east England!  Zone9 ish

Tie two fish together and though they have two tails they cannot swim <>< ><>

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