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Dypsis plumosa -- sprouting seeds


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6 hours ago, DoomsDave said:


Maybe a bit more austere environment? Out in the open, fast drainage? They should be KILLER for you over there in the other Big M.

I'll put some of them in the ground next summer, we have sandy soil in the garden so fast drainage. Are they fast growing, like queen palms ?

Thanks Dave.

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  • 9 months later...

A new update. Plants need now a bigger and deeper pot, but this is as far deep ( 20 cm ) as it can get in the local market. And yes hurrah, they do not wobble anymore.


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A new update of my D & D plants (named after seed donor DD). Ready to be potted up as the last stage before being put in the ground. I should have done it last year but I had been lazy.


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