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Trachycarpus grow advice


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Hi i recieved my new palm trachycarpus fortunei and after i repot this new palm of mine,i was wondering if i keep it in the same pot will it hinder the growth of the palm? (i dont want to kill it or make the stems and fronds look unhealthy) and can i keep it at a certain height and or i have to change the pot every few years or can i keep it in the same pot forever.

I am asking because when i had to repot my chamaerops humilis i could see the roots were desperate to get out of those plastic pots they come with.

Please advise me as this has been on my mind.

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Can you post a photo of your new palm so we can see the size of the palm in relation to pot size? Unless the plant is small in a big pot I would tend to repot it in a slightly larger pot. Some palms like Chamaerops do well in pots for a long time but I'm not aware if Trachycarpus is such a candidate.


Regards Neil

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cant get no pictures ascamera on phone is broke but its a 30 cm trunked trachycarpus fortunei in a 10 liter pot for the moment.

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Based on  your description, your Trachy, will do well in its current pot, methinks!

John Case

Brentwood CA

Owner and curator of Hana Keu Garden

USDA Zone 9b more or less, Sunset Zone 14 in winter 9 in summer

"Its always exciting the first time you save the world. Its a real thrill!"

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