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fall planting?


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need some advice.  This is my first year growing palms   Spent all summer digging holes and planting palms. 

I have quite a few still needing to put in ground. In particular I have 2 15ga Bismarks.   I live 5 miles from beach in heart of San Diego.  Our weather in San Diego is pretty much ideal for planting year round I would think. We don't really have seasons.  As next week we will have 4-5 days in mid 80's after this rain.  

Should I hold off planting any more palms for the year and wait till spring? I have about 20 palms growing on my patio, we never get frost were I live, never below 40 degrees.  So I think I can leave out throughout fall n winter.  I was thinking about putting some of the Bismarkias & livistonas in the ground and waiting on the rest.  

Any thiught or comments be appreciated thank you.  



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Go ahead and plant!

Most of what you have is relatively tough, so no biggie. I wouldn't say we don't have any seasons . . . but we sure don't have a winter like I ran from in Ohio.

If you get tender things, like Arecas, etc., best to wait till spring. If not sure, just ask, someone will know.

Show us your babies when they're in place, we'll all coo over them.

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Get them into the ground and they will be happier during the winter.  Right now would be a great time since we got some warm wheather. I'll be digging holes this week!

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Thanks guys.   I want to get into ground as well with that rain we got last week all these Bismarkias and livistonas for sure.   But I'm working next 6 days straight and I got an absests in my hand from digging holes I am out of commission for another week.  Hand swollen.  But will do it asap!  Gonna let some of the  dypsis and rare ones grow another season.  Got plenty of kings to put in as well.    I need to go get that Kentiopsis from you Dave maybe next Wed is my first day off 

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