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John Case

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I posted a item and noticed that there were some spelling errors. I immediately went back into the post and edited it, noted the error type and the edit box checked. Message returned to me that too much time had passed to edit and the post would not update . I then unchecked the box, entered, and the post updated with the spelling corrected. Minor issue to me, but with a more comprehensive edit a note that it was edited would be nice.


Many thanks for all of your work.



Edited by John Case

John Case

Brentwood CA

Owner and curator of Hana Keu Garden

USDA Zone 9b more or less, Sunset Zone 14 in winter 9 in summer

"Its always exciting the first time you save the world. Its a real thrill!"

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Let me know if it happens again. The only thing I can suggest is making sure you are refreshing the screen and not viewing a cached page. 

I'll keep an eye on it next time I do an edit.

Thanks to those of you who help make this a fun and friendly forum.

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