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Trachycarpus fortunei in shade or not?


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Hi i have read somewhere in these forums that if i grow my trachycarpus fortunei in the shade they will stretch and look bigger?

Is this true? has anyone got any evidence to show me this or pictures to compare both a normal grown one (half shade half sun and the one in full shade).

I am curious but want to see which i prefer to do before i buy.

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I have Waggy's in full sun and in shade (sun after 3.30 pm). I would go for the sunniest position as possible. They look much better in full sun and have much more fronds. 

Shade grown Waggy.

IMG_9934 (Large).JPG

IMG_9937 (Large).JPG

IMG_9938 (Large).JPG

IMG_9940 - kopie (Large).JPG

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I think they look great in both the shade and in full sun. I have one of mine in full blazing sun as well and it keeps a dense crown of fronds as opposed to the more elegant, longer and droopier leaves if grown in shade. My understanding is they will grow a bit slower in the shade. It took my Trachy a little while to acclimate to the full sun but now it is doing great. It all depends on what your preference is. They both look great,  grown in the shade or full sun.

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In your climate I would grow them in full sun or half day of sun.  In full shade the most important thing is to make sure they can grow up without overhead canopy in the way.

 I have lots of palm in part shade and a few in deep shade. The ones in deep shade have really long stems and tend to grow much slower.  

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