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Rio's Mangue Canal in 1919


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I thought this was a very cool photograph from way back in 1919. Pretty impressive if I say so.


I found this picture on the internet, so Kudos to the original photographer.

Cincinnati, Ohio USA & Mindo, Ecuador


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Thanks for the picture Jake...I love old photography too.

These Royals are all descendent of the old "Palma Mater" planted in 1808 at the Jardim Botânico in Rio. The first Roystonea oleracea seedling was a present brought from Venezuela to the King D. João VI and the species is widespread in Brazil today. The original palm died in 1972 struck by a lightning but the 39 m long trunk is still preserved in the Botanic Museum there.


Sirinhaém beach, 80 Km south of Recife - Brazil

Tropical oceanic climate, latitude 8° S

Temperature extremes: 25 to 31°C

2000 mm average rainfall, dry summers

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That is incredible picture. Amazing that how they quit the same height and plant in very long stright line. WoW!!!

Komkrit Yensirikul

Bangkok, Thailand /17C to 40C Avg32C /rain 4 months a year.

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very cool!

it must've been amazing to see in person!

the "prince of snarkness."


still "warning-free."


san diego,california,left coast.

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Thanks for the picture of old Rio.  It must have been a great place in the days before favelas, falange vermelho (the coke mafia bandidos), and with a clean Guanabara Bay.  In spite of everything I still enjoy Rio a lot.  I have spent many good times there and a lot of hours at the Jardim Botanico.

There are still some great royals around town.


Don Kittelson



03° 06' 07'' South 60° 01' 30'' West

Altitude 92 Meters / 308 feet above sea level

1,500 kms / 932 miles to the mouth of the Amazon River


Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil - A Cidade da Floresta

Where the world´s largest Tropical Rainforest embraces the Greatest Rivers in the World. .



Click here to visit Amazonas


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