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Mature S. Uresana in Southern California


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This is the last sabal species that I need. Where can I find a few of these in the San Diego area to gather seed?

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If you don't have your heart set on growing one from seed, a seedling can be purchased for $17.00 

S. uresana @ PDN

Last time I was at one of their open house sales in person, the S. uresana for sale were forked strap leaf seedlings.  $20 to ship (potted)... but you could buy 4 more plants for the same shipping cost.  A small forest of Sonoran palmettos?

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Huntington Gardens has multiple seeding specimens, but that's up in Los ANgeles.  Was there yesterday and had seed on just about all the Sabals.

Geoff I was also there last Wednesday (and also last Friday). I wish I knew you were there, I would love to have met you. Your notes on Davesgarden was such an valuable information source for me when I was getting started with palms.

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I think I found a great deal for you! I went to Walter Anderson in poway to look for some Monsteris deliciousla plants.  Guess what I stumbled on! 


They have 4 Sabal Uresana in 3ga that are about 3ft tall! For 20$! I am going back to buy 1-2 tomorrow. There is 4 so you can get the other 2! Lol.  I had to run so I couldn't get today but for 20$ and the size is amazing. It's definitely  3-5 yrs old not a seedling.  Might have marked them down due to season being over as their palm inventory is nothing now. Check it out 

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