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Some classic cold hardy palms


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I’ve seen lots of new palms here also. Once one neighbor plants a palm the others want one two. Killer view, well done!

No one has green lawns in Oly. LOL!

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Good call Pal, yes that is a med fan palm in the front yard. 3 out of 4 didn't make it through the last few years but this one did, and not only that, it flowered this spring so I was pretty pumped about that.

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Thanks for the compliment, PC. I have seen more palms in puget sound area this year than I ever have before and mature ones too. I'm guessing people are buying and planting more mature palms in general here now. Most of the lawns around here are brown also, but we have a homeowners association that sends us nasty letters for not watering...go figure. It has been quite a warm and dry summer.

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