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Palm trees that flower indoors


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The only two palms I've heard are known to flower indoors (regularly and before the tree is decades old or reaches the ceiling) are Chamaedorea elegans and Phoenix roebelenii. Are there any more palms which are known to do that?



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Hmmm... Seems all palms that have been mentioned are dwarfy: Most Chamaedoreas are all small (incl "Tuna Tail" Ch ernesti-augusti, but except maybe Ch woodsoniana and Ch tepejilote), and so are the Pygme Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) and Lytocaryum weddellianum. I wonder if the same goes for other dwarf palms? Just a theory.

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I've been thinking... I heard that palms don't flower before they have a trunk, and most palms have a juvenile stage with no trunk, so that e g my Kentia would have to reach full juvenile height before there'll be any trunk (which can happen for potted Kentias but only if a very big pot and room for becoming maybe 3 meters or so). Right so far?

But then there are palms which kinda have a trunk from the start which just keeps getting wider, like the Foxtail Palm, and I think the Bottle Palm (and Dwarf Date Palm and Chamaedorea Elegans which don't get much wider though). Does it mean that these palms, which have a trunk from the start, are likely to flower when potted (indoors) if properly cared for? I read that a Foxtail Palm flowers when about 12 years old. Don't know how high it is by then but mine is 2 years, so can I look forward to flowers in 10 years?! :)

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