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Dictyosperma album

Joe palma

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23 one gallon plants, 1 yr old, 1-2 leaves, 5" height, saw 32F, under patio cover (2x2's spaced 1" apart),

no wind exposure, frost at least one night, looked good until recent latent damage (fungus taking over probably, but no burn from freeze), lost 6 plants, others look really good. Spraying daconil and copper fungicide!

Joe Dombrowski

Discovery Island Palms Nursery

San Marcos, CA

"grow my little palm tree, grow!"

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One in the ground 2 years, showed no initial damage, but over the next few weeks declined. No spear growth in 3 weeks.

Riverside... 24 for several hours, several nights at freezing.



Riverside, CA Z 9b

1700 ft. elevation

approx 40 miles inland

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have 2 one is under canopy has hardly and damage the other is exposed with temp 37.2 with light frost has

minor damage they are not cold hardy at all they will show cold spots in the lower 40's

Matthew Albach

Pinellas Park FLorida

USDA zone 10a

sunset zone 26

heat zone   10

mostly frost free most years.

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My 3-4 foot D. album came through the past winter here (first winter in the ground) spotless and with no stunting or delay in initiation of healthy growth as it warmed up.  Granted, I did cover it, just to be safe, but no heat was added.  Lowest temperature was around 31F or so.  So not that much of a test, but still, it tolerated quite a bit of chill without issue.  So far, this species appears no more cold sensitive than common Veitchia, Adonidia or Cocos.  Typical 10b palm.

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I have one rubra that is in a semi protected spot from some large pine trees that saw light damage from a neg 2.5C (in the open) or 27F. It's pushing a spear and growing OK. Surprised me how it took it in its stride. It probably didn't see below -1C (30F) but even still I'm surprised. My Hyophorbe indicas had 90% defoliation but survived in the same area.

Millbrook, "Kinjarling" Noongar word meaning "Place of Rain", Rainbow Coast, Western Australia 35S. Warm temperate. Csb Koeppen Climate classification. Cool nights all year round.



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