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No problems with solid thinking... I have all the time in the world....

Generally- Palm people are good people! Why not get to know some of them and share experiences?

I'd rather be ignorant than arrogant!


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Hey SailorBold --- I now have three replies on my "CAN YOU IDENTIFY THESE TWO PALMS" thread. All three are saying that the bigger palm at La Paloma Hot Springs is phoenix dactylifera. I mean the palm that is plants away from the buildings, out in the open.

Just FYI.

So, I guess that could be an option for you too.

Good luck with your experiment! Cool region.

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Hello NM palmtalkers, I have spent some time in google maps/street views looking for Jubaeas and Butias in NM, I googled all Palm Locations in Albuquerque and Alamogordo and many others places. Nice Filiferas, that look often worn out after winters but alive and kicking, bulletproof Trachies, even CIDPs (officially less hardy) in Alamogordo but no cocosoids at all, they just don't grow there in desert climate?

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