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My newest collection member


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Howdy folks,

My father has spend the last 10 weeks in tropical Darwin and in his absence I was entrusted to look after the family business. I am very happy to temporarily take charge and have done so on many previous occasions.

Anyways he has just returned and thankfully he still has a business to return to. Totally unnecessary but he has returned with this great gift.....

Now I just have keep it looking this nice... Apparently this was the last remaining specimen available? 30 were purchased by another buyer a week before and this was the "runt"? I love it!!!




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I believe they have a flowering specimen of which this is progeny... So I assume there will be more in the future

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Nice score Ben that is a stunning palm - One i would love to grow here if i had a heated greenhouse !

Old Beach ,Hobart
Tasmania ,Australia. 42 " south
Cool Maritime climate

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