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Jim Noll


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My friend and neighbor Jim Noll passed away early this morning. He was a long time palm and cycad grower with a fine garden mixed in with his avocado orchard.

Robert de Jong

San Clemente, CA


Willowbrook Nursery

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I'm really sorry to hear that. I knew Jim and had been to his house and garden on several occasions. I had him build some cabinets for a small addition I did, and he did excellent work. I will think of him more now when I look at them. He was one of those guys who didn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. A truly easy going guy.

The world would be a better place with more people in it like Jim.


Kona, on The Big Island
Hawaii - Land of Volcanoes

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This is to the members of the IPS that Jim Noll of Vista, CA died Tuesday morning, 22Jul2014.

He leaves his beautiful and devoted wife, Nancy, and two grown, good-looking sons who have remarkably taken their father’s good and kind nature. Among many things he was a consummate Cabinetmaker, building kitchens and other rooms with cabinets that easily competed with the finest cabinet companies in the US.

An avid surfer he was quite taken with Australia and Hawaii, always trim and sharp with his exercise regime. Comfort was the operative word and he lived it with his choice of shorts and light Aloha-style shirts and sandals, no matter where he went. In fact, his fellow members of the Faith Lutheran Church would never have recognized him in any other attire.

Perhaps the members of PSSC only saw him a few times over many years, but nevertheless he had great passion for palms and cycads. His very favorite was the Rhapis; with his large grove of Avocados providing deep canopy he grew these as well as, maybe better than our best palm growers/collectors. He developed stands of different species of Rhapis—once you saw them you would marvel, and then ask yourself, “Why haven’t I done this?” And so, you would start looking for a Rhapis for yourself but realize that you were starting a bit late.

Nancy said the memorial date is set for August 2nd at Faith Lutheran Church in Vista, 700 E, Bobier Drive at 11:00 a.m.,

She would like everyone to wear shorts and Aloha shirt in Jim's honor, or whatever is comfortable.

Jeffry Brusseau

"Cuesta Linda"

Vista, California

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I couldn't make the memorial; how many appeared?

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I just realized That i Met Jim When Pogo took me over to his place for a walk !

amazing collection of mature Palms including a Trithinax campestris that was 3 m tall ! and many other beauties .

He was a really nice bloke


Old Beach ,Hobart
Tasmania ,Australia. 42 " south
Cool Maritime climate

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Jim will no doubt be missed. I met Jim two years ago when my wife and I bought a piece of land just a couple doors down from Jim and Nancy's place. Jim would come over often to talk palms or I would walk to his house to look at his palms and just hang out. Jim was truly a special guy who loved the Lord and lived life to the fullest and always wore a warm smile. Not to mention his amazing attitude he always had. Jim will always be missed. love you JIM!!!!!

Carlsbad, California Zone 10 B on the hill (402 ft. elevation)

Sunset zone 24

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