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Palms of the Miami biennial in 150 photos


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Jack, just echoing the sentiments of a job well done. I especially like the flow of the photos by location and biennial days. Armchair palm voyeurism at its best.


Trinidad!  Southernmost island in the Caribbean.

So many plants, So little space.

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Thank you Jack for shearing, really great photos, and I know the effort you put to each one. Nice to meet you at the biennal, regards.


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Jack, I just saw these today and I loved every single photo!  I love seeing these palm´s from Florida.  Thanks for posting! 


hot and humid, short rainy season May through October, 14* latitude, 90* longitude

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Jack, I just looked through these again & the composition, depth of field & quality are outstanding.



"If you need me, I'll be outside" -Randy Wiesner Palm Beach County, Florida Zone 10Bish

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Thanks for the great comments! Including all of those that I've missed over the past couple years... It was a great biennial with a lot of fantastic palms!

Jack Sayers

East Los Angeles

growing cold tolerant palms halfway between the equator and the arctic circle...

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Ahhh...good times!

Here's a photo I took at that Biennial... :D



Gold Coast, Queensland Latitude 28S. Mild, Humid Subtropical climate. Rainfall - not consistent enough!

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