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Cutting Away the Death and Destruction


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Worked on cutting away all the dead and green (but collapsing) fronds. Only a few pokes and cuts....but one slammed knuckle. post-97-0-21448900-1399169670_thumb.jpgpost-97-0-90538100-1399169720_thumb.jpg

David Simms zone 9a on Highway 30a

200 steps from the Gulf in NW Florida

30 ft. elevation and sandy soil

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Nice. I gave my new STIHL Pole Pruner a good trial run today. Trimmed up the filibusta that is likely dead anyway, and quite a few Oak limbs up to 8 inches in diameter opening up more light over the Alfredii bed.

Next weekend I start in earnest what you just did. It may take me a month to go through the 60+ palms, but we'll get there.

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