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1985 in Florida

Bill H2DB

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Here are my records from 1985 . While the '83 freeze was quite bad ,this seems to me

to have been more devastating in total effect .

This set the ALL TIME low in Daytona Beach , and then matched the previous All time low

on the following day .

About 95% of the Queen palms in this area died , and about 75% of the Washingtonias as well.

There were no green Citrus trees visible along US27 ( which passes down through the heart of the

industry), until well south of Frostproof . Virtually every Australian Pine , Silk Oak ,Mangrove etc , regardless

of size died.


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I remember it well. It was even colder in Jax. There wasn't much left to kill after the Dec 83 freeze.

Palms not just a tree also a state of mind

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YOW :bemused::crying:

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