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windmill palm help


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i have a windmill and a needle palm in pots. i live on long island and last winter i put them in the ground and they survived the winter, i dug them out and put them on the patio of my apt for summer. my question is i brought them in mny apt for winter and have plant bulbs on them for about four hours a day as i have no sunny window at all. i am misting them daily but not sure how much to water. has anyone ever overwintered like this ? do they have a chance of surving ? any help would be appreciated .

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Not sure what your long-term goal is here. Are you planning on keeping them containerized or planting them in the Spring?

Among cold hardies, I have Needles, windmills, Sabals (among others), some are outside in the ground but others are in a cool greenhouse (in pots). You should be able to overwinter them though in a house at room temperature until early Spring. Let them dry out some between watering. Water rate depends on a lot of factors, but guessing once in 7-10 days sufficient. But when you do water, water thoroughly!


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i am trying to keep them in pots for my patio. i keep them outside from april till december. i was able to get them in ground last winter and they did fine, this winter i wasnt able to get them in ground so i had no choice but to bring them inside. i did put plant bulbs next to them to get them some light , im just trying to get them till april so they can go back outside. thanks for the reply

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