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sky on fire


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This afternoon in the great South East of Queensland was magnificent! Decent rain overnight, high humidity over last few days and this seen from my front yard this afternoon....No tricky photoshop here, a good camera on the right setting I hope?

post-6412-0-32927000-1386841015_thumb.jp post-6412-0-73449500-1386841178_thumb.jp

post-6412-0-67360400-1386841281_thumb.jp post-6412-0-68911400-1386841396_thumb.jp

post-6412-0-90959200-1386841464_thumb.jp post-6412-0-40296900-1386841519_thumb.jp

While i'm at it a couple of pics of a nice front on the move a few days ago.....

post-6412-0-43299100-1386841694_thumb.jp post-6412-0-40279900-1386841734_thumb.jp

sorry I know these pics proably belong in other threads... I will create a link between them.


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Nice pics Ben! Amazingly we had nothing down here as it was too cloudy...weird eh!

Gold Coast, Queensland Latitude 28S. Mild, Humid Subtropical climate. Rainfall - not consistent enough!

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Nice capture Ben, and what would that good camera be ? If you don't mind me asking.

Happy Gardening



Queensland, Australia.

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G'day Wal, we have a Cannon EOS 60D ( I think? ). I'm not a real camera officianado but I love getting good photos, and it's easy to do on these things!

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You captured it. Took me there.

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