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Maui pics


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Real busy, but how can I not show them to my palmy friends? I will put more up tomorrow hopefully. Many more to come.

These are just some random pics that I have uploaded, but there will be more, most coconuts, cause thats my fav.

Edit- Some pics came out flat ugly

I really didnt have time to run

through the manual for my new

camera so sorry if they look real

ugly, I have plenty more good

ones to come.



Meteorologist and PhD student in Climate Science

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Nice swaying coconut photo.

Tampa, Interbay Peninsula, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10A

Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10B

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thank you palmy  :)

through your photos i saw all my loved ones(Palms).

and Biz & triangle are very favouriate to me.



love conquers all..



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Excellent pics palmy

That A. purpurea in post #2 blew my socks off!



Zone 9b pine flatlands

humid/hot summers; dry/cool winters

with yearly freezes

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Palmy- Thanks sooooooo much for sharing those!!!

Especially the Bismarckias, I just love them.  Gorgeous Cocos.  I love Hawaii.

Now if I only had some chocolate covered macadamias and Kona coffee!



San Fernando Valley, California

Sunset Climate Zone 18

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WOW!!.. Palmy..... that place sure is beautiful........ Our beloved plants grow like weeds there... it's just amazing....... I have to get there someday.


Long Island, New York  Zone 7a (where most of the southern Floridians are originally from)


Summer Highs  : 85-90f/day,  68-75f / night

Winter Lows     : 38-45f/day,   25-35f / night

Extreme Low    : 10-20f/day,    0-10f / night   but VERY RARE

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More pictures . . . .

LOVED the big bad bizzies!


Let's keep our forum fun and friendly.

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Looks like you had a great trip with plenty of palms! Excellent looking Bismarckias!

The Clinostigma at the Pizza Hut looks healthy, but not too happy. The nodes are incredibly close.

Probably very little soil where it's planted and these palms need plenty of soil so the roots can spread out.

Post more photos if you have!


Leilani Estates, 25 mls/40 km south of Hilo, Big Island of Hawai'i. Elevation 880 ft/270 m. Average rainfall 140 inches/3550 mm


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Dear Palmy  :)

I have heard a lot of the term 'Blast Off',but i have seen it only now.your photos blew me away.i also wish to keep my observation & appreciation short.since this post on Maui loads slow even in 512 kpbs dsl line.

great work & thanks for sharing with us.  :)

love conquers all..



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excellent shots!  i really enjoyed them--even the ones without palms :P

i especially liked the pritchardias & hyophorbes!

the "prince of snarkness."


still "warning-free."


san diego,california,left coast.

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