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Lepidozamias at Springbrook..

Walter John

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The Brisbane Palm and Cycad Society outing this month was to Springbrook National Park, you can visit the main thread in the Discussing Palms section. We also saw some wonderful cycads on the Purlingbrook Falls walk. Check 'em out. Crows nest ferns enjoyed housing themselves in these Aussie cycads, Lepidozamia peroffskyana, to be precise.


The walk is brilliant, here's the group winding down, you are right in amongst the vegetation.



Crows nest ferns enjoyed housing themselves in these Aussie cycads.


Happy Gardening



Queensland, Australia.

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In some areas they were quite plentiful, Lepis are my favourite cycads, I love the leaves, but just being able to watch them grow in habitat is simply amazing. If you visit Australia, find a place to make contact with these cycads in habitat, you won't regret it. Same goes for the aussies who haven't shared this experience.



Crows Nest fern (Asplenium australasicum) makes another home.


Intimate meetings with Lepidozamia peroffskyana



New leaves.



Happy Gardening



Queensland, Australia.

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Hi Wal from across the world in Virginia, USA!

I do like cycads and wish I could just buy some extra memory (like with computers) to make space in my brain to learn all their names and how to distinguish them from each other. Right now my limited gray matter is swarming with palm information, but maybe in a few years....

Oh I forgot, (see what I mean), I'll be older then and have less memory.

Thanks for the photos of your wonderful PRA.

Cindy Adair

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Wal, I am real fond of this cycad and the best thing about it is it can take the cold up hear in North Florida I have about 6 planted aroudn my forest and wish I had more. Thanks for sharing Best regards Ed

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