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HUBBELL, Susan - Director and Correspondence Secretary


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Susan, originally from Connecticut, earned a BA in interior design from Pratt Institute. She came to Puerto Rico over 30 years ago as an international staff member with Citibank where she managed the branch bank and major building design and construction department. Later she moved into the bank’s financial area specializing as a trader of tax exempt CDs and marketing of banking products and account officer to local and international corporate clients. Her last position before retirement was as branch manager of the Spanish bank, Banco Central Hispano on the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. She and her husband, Pedro Rodriguez, have a collection of over 50 palm species at their country home on Culebra. They have traveled extensively with the IPS and on their own in Europe, South America, in the USA as well as in the Caribbean via their sailboat and their private plane. Besides gardening, Susan’s other interests include gourmet cooking, abstract acrylic painting and mosaics. Susan’s principle residence is in San Juan, PR. She also has a home north of Orlando, FL so she is available to travel from either location to attend IPS board meetings. As a member of the IPS board Susan is hoping to increase IPS membership from the Caribbean area.

Leilani Estates, 25 mls/40 km south of Hilo, Big Island of Hawai'i. Elevation 880 ft/270 m. Average rainfall 140 inches/3550 mm


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