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Chamaedorea stolonifera


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I planted this out as a 6" plant in 2005.  It is located against a southeast facing fence, under a shade cloth.  I threw a tarp over the shade cloth before this event. No damage.

I am really impressed with this species.  It has maintained a wonderful color.



Modesto, California


Sunset Zone 14   USDA 9b


Low Temp. 19F/-7C 12-20-1990         


High Temp. 111F/43C 07-23-2006


Annual Average Precipitation 13.12 inches/yr.



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I have a cluster (stems popping up at some distance from the original plant) under laurel oak canopy, surrounded by some Salvia coccinea that remained green, if not very active, during the winter. C. stolonifera showed some yellowing during the winter and a bit of leaf damage, but nothing serious. It's thriving again this spring. The coldest temperature (in December) was 26 F at the nearby airport, with 28 a couple of weeks later. The Chamaedoreas in the yard were mostly unfazed.

Fla. climate center: 100-119 days>85 F
USDA 1990 hardiness zone 9B
Current USDA hardiness zone 10a
4 km inland from Indian River; 27º N (equivalent to Brisbane)

Central Orlando's urban heat island may be warmer than us

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