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Spiny palms for zone 9


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Check out the freeze data forum for information on my Acrocomia aculeata that didn't survive three nights of 21-23*F in 2010. I think I posted pictures of its removal in the main forum. I'd provide a link but it's not so easy from my phone.

I remember you telling about a spiny palm to try, maybe your brother had it, or something like that. The wine inhibits my memory right now.

In my post I sometimes express "my" opinion. Warning, it may differ from "your" opinion. If so, please do not feel insulted, just state your own if you wish. Any data in this post is provided 'as is' and in no event shall I be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, damages resulting from accuracy or lack thereof, insult, or any other damages

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Its too bad the form Acrocomia total 'Dade City' is so difficult to find in cultivation. From what I've heard its a pretty hardy palm. They have it growing in Savannah at the Bamboo gardens. There is a picture of it in the cold hardy forum.

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Kailua, Oahu HI. Near the beach but dry!

Still have a garden in Zone 9a Inland North Central Florida (Ocala)

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