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Free palms SoCal


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I have 5 rather large and heavy palms to give away. Free including nice container, only catch is you must haul away. I live in West Covina.

The plants are:

2 bismarckia nobilis in heavy blue ceramic pots. Plant is root bound and should be planted in the ground.

2 brahea armata in tall containers, very healthy, heavy.

1 livistona chinensis in large plastic container, 5 plants in one pot.

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Here are some pics, the Bismackias's are pushing out of the container. The Brahea's are quite healthy, the plants are heavy.



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Jim ... Thank you very much for the great Bismarkias !!! I was able to put the 1st one in the ground. I'll keep you updated on the progress.


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Very generous Jim, although my back aches looking at those full pots. :)

"If you need me, I'll be outside" -Randy Wiesner Palm Beach County, Florida Zone 10Bish

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  • 2 weeks later...

Neighbor Jim.

Ritchy here from far faaar faaaaar away San Dimas.

Sorry just saw your thread.

Are the palms still available?

Cheers! Ritchy

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Porkchop: glad you were able to plant the palm. I'm glad they got a good home.

SanDinas: I still have the Brahea's and livistonia.

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Jim youre awesome.

!!!Thank you!!!

Great addition to my garden.

Braheas being a slow grower and dont transplant very well...

I will keep in the belly high cylindrical pots.

Beautiful specimens.

Thank you.

Ritchy :)

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