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Plant Sale at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral Saturday March 9th from 9-3


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Plant Sale at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral Saturday March 9th from 9-3

Jaycee Park is at the end of Beach Parkway off Del Prado Blvd in Cape Coral Florida

Several vendors selling plants and garden related items.

This is just a partial list to give you an idea of some of the plants.

Palms & Cycads:

3g Spindle $12

7g Spindle $22

3g Coccothrinax sp $14

1g Archontophoenix alexandrae Beatrice $6

1g Archontophoenix cunninghamiana $6

1g Archontophoenix maxima $9

1g Archontophoenix myolensis $9

1g Acrocomia aculeata $7

7g Bismarkia nobilis Silver $27

10g Bismarkia nobilis Silver $45

10g Christmas Palm single nice only have 1 $27

3g Ribbon Palm $12

10g Cocos nucifera Jamaican Tall 5-6' $35

10g Cocos nucifera Jamaican Tall 7-8' $40

4.5" Chameadorea tepijolte $7

5g Red Latan palm $34

1g Zamia - Cardboard $6

3g White Bird of Paradise $8

3g Screw Pine $16


1g Xanthosoma Purple Stem $5

1g Philodendron 'Burle Marx' $6

1g Philodendron domesticum, fiddle leaf,

erebscens Dwarf Monstera $5

3g Philodendron Vining Split Leaf $15

Succulents: Assorted starting at $1 including

Agave desmettiana $9 3g

Agave desmettiana Variegata $12 3g

Agave americana 'Gainesville Blue' $15 3g

Agave decipiens $17 4.5

Agave Quadricolor

Aloe ‘ Christmas Carol’

Aloe ‘Lavendar Star’

Aloe ‘Snowflake’

Euphorbia geraldi – thornless crown of thorns – red bloom

Euphorbia viguieri $5 4.5”

E. Crown of Thorns Thai Hybrids Pink $6 1 g

E. milli Supergrandiflora from Thailand $10


Bromeliads: Assorted – some potted, some bareroot (starting at $1)

Dwarf Ornamental Pineapple $5 Pink Ornamental Pineapple $5

Neoregelia 'Bird Rock' $10 Neoregelia cruenta Rubra $7

Neoregelia 'Lou Wilson' $10 Neoregelia Catherine Wilson

Neoregelia princeps Neoregelia Fireball

Neoregelia Catlinite Neoregelia Castigado

Neoregelia Brazilian Big Red & more

Assorted Aechmeas including Fia, Serrata in bloom


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