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Trithrinax acanthocoma/brasiliensis seeds


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I have shipped today the seeds to all, who requested them, but to one unlucky person, whom accidentally I had missed. He will get a PM but he doesn't have to feel sad, cause he will also get a fair share next week, when I gather more fruits (I have so many, so that I can feed a pig) and clear seeds out.

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I' d like to clarify something. The mother plant had been obtained many years ago as Trithrinax brasiliensis (acanthocoma) from PpP (so it was written in the catalogue and in the tag). Since then the original conspesific names have been again separated. All I can say is that the seedling from one sprouted seed has a blue hue (like a Sabal), which according to the opinion of a mate from Brasil is a trait of T. brasiliensis. In fact I had also seen in the PpP headquarters also larger exemplaries of T. acanthocoma and admittedly they were looking to my eyes not entirely identical to the plant I had bought. At those times I had been thinking however that this was merely due to age difference.

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Hi Konstantinos,

I recieved the seeds today.

You've sent me a lot and they are looking fine!

My thanks are many and great!! :yay:


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