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37F here for two consecutive nights over the past weekend.

Tampa, Interbay Peninsula, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10A

Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10B

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I got 41 and 34 here (with light frost on the 34 night -- it dipped earlier than normal as it was already 37 and climbing at sunrise). I did cover everything for a solid freeze event (since some sites were predicting 32), and it looks like there was little to no "visible" damage (so far...) -- which is very good since I was just noticing new growth on lots of stuff that had been burned back by the first freeze but had already decided Spring had arrived based on the recent balmy conditions! (although I'm worried this could have finished off a recently planted Satakentia that was hit hard in that first freeze, as well as a couple tropical trees that also were in the ground for their first winter -- time will tell...)

Edited by ThunderSRQ

Sarasota, Florida USA (zone 9B) - 1 acre with approx. 91 types of palms & many other plants/trees

My two favorite palms are Teddy Bears and Zombies... zombieteddybear2-compressed.jpg

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33f the first morning and 32f the second with just a hint of frost. Other than the tops of a few Angels Trumpets, no damage noticeable. Mango has tiny fruits on it but it is so tall I have to climb it to get closer and inspect. It is flowering again, so there will be even more fruit this year! YUMMY! :mrlooney:

Begonias are my thing. I've been growing and selling them for three decades, nearly two in Tampa Bay. NPR is an bhour N of St Pete, coast

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41.2 first morning, 39.6 the next.


Palms of Victory I shall wear

Cape Coral (It's Just Paradise)
Zone 10A on the Isabelle Canal
Elevation: 15 feet

I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus' garden in the shade.

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and it is back to 80F today

... and Europe is getting hammered :(

Not all of Europe has been hammered!

It's been a good winter here so far with only 3 air frosts, worst of which has been -1.4C (29.4F).

Still looking forward to spring though :D

Edited by madgav

Newtownabbey, County Antrim

Northern Ireland

54°42'N 5°54'W Google maps

Mild temperate climate

Zone 9a (1992-2010)

Average annual minimum: -4°C/25°F

Average annual maximum: 26°C/80°F

Absolute extremes (1992-2010): -11.6°C/11.0°F, 31.0°C/87.8°F

Usually high humidity & no dry season

High winds can also be a problem in winter

Visit My Website


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