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Weathermen do have a sense of humor


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While reading through the local discussion I came across this and thought it was worth posting....  needles to say it was a long discussion and pay attention to the last sentence

Problem 3: one of the very few times I hope a forecast busts...but

it appears southeast Texas could see some significant ice problems early in

the week as colder air filters in and overrunning moisture and

disturbances prolong the precipitation into midweek. Threat

appears to begin late Monday afternoon across northern portions of the County Warning Area as

temperatures fall below freezing. Then as the remainder of the area falls

below freezing Monday nt...threat expands to almost all of southeast Texas

except the immediate coast. Possible continuation of subfreezing

temperatures through the day Tuesday...Tuesday night and Wednesday morning will make

matters substantially worse with time. Already issued a Winter

Storm Watch for northern areas. Fairly good chance these will

eventually be expanded southward with time...and upgraded to

warnings should conditions become imminent. See the already issued

Winter Storm Watch and Special Weather Statement for more nitty

gritty details.

Problem 5: i'm getting blisters on my fingers from so much typing

in a short amount of time. Hats off and much respect to you

secretaries and administrative assistants out there :) 47


Galveston Island Tx


8' Elevation

Sandy Soil

Jan Avgs 50/62

Jul Avgs 80/89

Average Annual Rainfall 43.5"

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Too bad the topic is not funny.


Tampa, Interbay Peninsula, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10A

Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10B

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