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Cabo de Gata, Almeria


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Last weekend I have been to Cabo de Gata, in the SE of Spain. This area is of volcanic origin and the climate is some desertic, is one of the most dry areas in Europe. Few trees grow here, only some carot, date palms, olives...planted by man. Chamaerops humilis grow in all the park, abundant in some areas .If receives little water, they looks healthy (volcanic soil has all a plant need for grow happy)



a palm date groove. There are some wild Agaves :


The coast is very impressive, dark spots of the seabed are grassland of Posidonia oceanica


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There are some Chamaerops with wax on their leaves (like a var. cerifera) perhaps for prevent dehydration. They were also very differents in form in some zones.



one of my favorites


a dwarf blue


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This is the common green form:


in some deeper soils the growth is better( this is some silver)


Silver and green


various types o leaf


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green and dwarf (seems a young trachy wagnerianus)


other tiny


palmito with petticoat



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¡Gracias, Luis! ¡Qué belleza de lugar! Se vé lo árido que es. Tiene un panorama precioso.


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Fabulous pics, the small one you say looks like wagnerianus reminds strongly of Chamaerops humilis vulcano.

The silver ones I saw before in cultivation in Spain, different to cerifera being bigger and stronger growing with less wax and is probably the most beautiful form of them all.

You have some wonderful forms to cultivate there.

Resident in Bristol UK.

Webshop for hardy palms and hybrid seeds www.hardy-palms.co.uk

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All I can see is " A Frozen Frog" ???????

Regards Andy

Bangor, Norin Iron Zone 9a Min temp normally around -3 Degrees C, rarely -6C. Only 2 x -2.0C so far, verging on 9b this year. No snow or Frost this Winter. Several just subzero's this year, lets hope it stays this way. Normally around 5C to 10C + in winter, with lots of wind & rain. Summers usually better, 20C to 25 C occasionally 25C to 28C, also quite humid being a coastal town

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