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hoop house


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Nice ingenuity.

Tampa, Interbay Peninsula, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10A

Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10B

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Very Nice, Jim.....  It takes alot of work to put these things together....

What are the dimensions?


Long Island, New York  Zone 7a (where most of the southern Floridians are originally from)


Summer Highs  : 85-90f/day,  68-75f / night

Winter Lows     : 38-45f/day,   25-35f / night

Extreme Low    : 10-20f/day,    0-10f / night   but VERY RARE

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I've closed the page now, but I think it said 12'3" x 8'.

Great job, puts mine to shame, but mine came as a kit and only cost about £30.00.  Fortunately my entire garden is concrete so I didn't have to worry about the base.


Corey Lucas-Divers

Dorset, UK

Ave Jul High 72F/22C (91F/33C Max)

Ave Jul Low 52F/11C (45F/7C Min)

Ave Jan High 46F/8C (59F/15C Max)

Ave Jan Low 34F/1C (21F/-6C Min)

Ave Rain 736mm pa

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Thanks ya'll .

Bobby I think it took me longer to post the pics  then it did to acutally build it

Like Neofolis  said  it is  12"3 X 8'   and good deal too  I guess that would be about  $65.00 for me on this side of the Atlantic

This morning at 6:00 AM it was 56* outside but only 51* inside

but when I came hove from work it  51* outside and 56* inside,  Its been dark and 10 -15 mph winds all day too.  So I bought a cceramic heater fan for it today for $25.00   1500 watt

the temp has been falling and now it is 40* outside and 50* inside  and callinf for  25* tonight  we'll see in the morning  how much it  raised  the temp inside .

will try to do the things that they say can't be done

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