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Please tell me this is wrong....


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The NWS has dropped my low Saturday night from 35 to 27. Lindburgh Field in downtown SD has a forecast low that went from 40 to 33.  don't want to beleive it. Mistake?

In addition, we are now under a tsunami warning. Time to re-read my Book of Revelation under the sub-title, apocalypse.

Coastal San Diego, California


Dry summer subtropical/Mediterranean

warm summer/mild winter

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I expect Saturday night to be 5 degrees colder than tonight.

I will probably get down into the teens tomorrow night


Now living the life in Childers, Queensland.

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i wouldn't worry about the apocalypse until you see those 4 horsemen...

the "prince of snarkness."


still "warning-free."


san diego,california,left coast.

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