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How long will a Sego flower?


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Hi guys,  My mom has a Cycas revoluta that has been flowering for 2 years now.  We thought we'd get a new flush of leaves last year and nothing.  Just some more messy flowers and seeds that the rats like to eat.  Then finally this summer we thought that it would put out some more leaves and now it has another huge female flower forming.  How long can this go on?  She fertilizes and waters it.  It's in a nice draining cactus mix that it seems to like for many years now.  There's another one that didn't put out any leaves last year, it just continued to flower, but this year it flushed.  So anyway, can someone enlighten me please?  Thank you.

Matt Bradford

"Manambe Lavaka"

Spring Valley, CA (8.5 miles inland from San Diego Bay)

10B on the hill (635 ft. elevation)

9B in the canyon (520 ft. elevation)

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Good question!

My only answer is that they go by their own clock.  I've seen some go for like five years without sending out new leaves, but obviously not dead.  Then, one day, KABOOM!  A flush of leaves (oooh!); then KABOOM! Another flush of leaves (ahhh)  etc.

Keep us posted; only through myriad observations will we unlock the mysteries of cycas . . . .


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