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What's Up?  How Cold in Cali?


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The much touted "Cold Spell" is receiving lots of attention & opinions.  At best it should be bad news for frost-prone areas like Oceanside plain/Vista/San Marcos/El Cajon.  Metro areas should stay above 40F though NWS predicts 39F in San Francisco Saturday morning.  Bay Area will be especially cold in areas away from the water.  

Wind may be the worst part of the system since the cold dry air massing in western Canada will ride a low pressure into the PacNW/RockyMts forcing/funneling tight millibars.  So long as it stays windy the night temps will modify but super dry air will cause damage.  It is strongly urged to irrigate heavily before this event.  :o

Hope for the best, since there is nothing else we can do  :o

Today is so much unlike what we will experience w/ temp of 88 downtown.

Los Angeles/Pasadena

34° 10' N   118° 18' W

Elevation: 910'/278m

January Average Hi/Lo: 69F/50F

July Average Hi/Lo: 88F/66F

Average Rainfall: 19"/48cm

USDA 11/Sunset 23


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Thanks, happ.  This looks very accurate from what I have read.  Friday night is shaping up to be pretty serious.  

This is going to be a real test for A. cunninghamiana in our area.  This plant will need serious irrigation before this event in all interior areas of Northern California.


Modesto, California


Sunset Zone 14   USDA 9b


Low Temp. 19F/-7C 12-20-1990         


High Temp. 111F/43C 07-23-2006


Annual Average Precipitation 13.12 inches/yr.



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