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More on the ridiclously warm winter


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(Ray, Tampa @ Jan. 27 2007,22:44)

Shoot me for starting this thread.  What was I smoking??


You are welcome to join me in the doghouse which gsn has reserved.

We will stay warm as I will hold out my largest propane heater for our accomodations.


Palm Harbor, FL 10a / Ft Myers, FL 10b

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(gsn @ Jan. 27 2007,23:15)


I hope for you guys, that thing has INSULATION! :laugh:


I will sacrifice my plants for our comfort if need be.  If that means all 3/4 million Btu/hr have to warm the doghouse then so be it!


Palm Harbor, FL 10a / Ft Myers, FL 10b

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No, those heaters are for the palms.  You'll have to make do with a blankie :D

St. Pete

Zone - a wacked-out place between 9b & 10

Elevation = 44' - not that it does any good

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No blankets or sheets here.  They will all be in the yard.

Tampa, Interbay Peninsula, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10A

Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10B

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Well I guess we're back to this thread? NWS has me at 87F on Friday????




Hi 71°F

Lo 59°F


Slight Chc


Hi 82°F

Lo 70°F




Hi 87°F

Lo 64°F




Hi 84°F

Lo 62°F

Royal Palm Beach, FL.

USDA Zone 10A/10B Subtropical

26.7 degrees N. latitude

10 miles West of West Palm Beach and the ocean

Avg. yearly rainfall 58 inches


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Well I guess we're back to this thread? NWS has me at 87F on Friday?

Ok Ok.. rub it in....


Long Island, New York  Zone 7a (where most of the southern Floridians are originally from)


Summer Highs  : 85-90f/day,  68-75f / night

Winter Lows     : 38-45f/day,   25-35f / night

Extreme Low    : 10-20f/day,    0-10f / night   but VERY RARE

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I am enjoying the cold weather. It is staying for a while.

We had no winter until now. Just a cool storm in early Nov and another storm last week. Now it is sunny but it is staying cool and wet.

I got down to 10-12 C up in the mountains and about 15 C in the city. Some cold spots on Clinostigma samoense, but it doesn't care that much.

I can wear wool clothing for a while! We can dress like true Europeans! Boots, cloaks, scurfs, hats!!

:cool:  :cool:

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Carlo, I wear a T-shirt when it's 15C  :;):

N48° 19'12.42", E18°06'50.15"

continental climate somewhat moderated by the influence of the mediterranean sea, atlantic ocean and north sea water masses but still prone to arctic blasts from the east as well as hot and dry summers. pushing the limits is exciting.

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Larry - unless Iv been speed reading again- I missed Hiiscus pics.

It it coccinea or rosa-sinensis?

The latter has not proven easy here OK they died!

The former is reputed to be hardier and the seeds have been germinating like crazy and all growng fast.

Seed of that is very cheap here by UK standards.

The only Hibs we see here are the somewhat boring deciduous types which always flower too late.

Could be a good summer here according to all the met predictions - it has just  been the hottest January for 90 years!




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That's adaptation.

My grandma in Sicily at +21 looks for a scurf. My mother follows her a few degrees later.

At +16 the grandma would start to look for the fur coat in the closet!

I start feeling hypothermia at about +18 C,

I wrap myself in wool at +14.

I die at +12.

At least, I can take any warmth - I start complaining above 38 C.

Here you can see all the kinds of clothes used together. The highlands are cold and the coast is warm. If you go at the bus station you see people moving dressing absolutely differently.

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Still zone 10a in Northwest Florida........come on spring!

David Simms zone 9a on Highway 30a

200 steps from the Gulf in NW Florida

30 ft. elevation and sandy soil

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I guess winter is officialy over. We have had three nights with lows in the 14-15ºC range and max in the 28-31ºC range. It was fun while it lasted. Today rained again, thanks to El Niño "miòn", LOL.  :D

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