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Palm photos

mike in kurtistown

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I have made Webshots files for two groups of photos: (1) pictures taken during the Biennial in Santo Domingo; and (2) pictures taken during the October 2006 Amazon field trip. They can be viewed at:


While I do have pictures of trip happenings and human interest, most pictures are of the palms. No reflection on recent postings (from which I downloaded) is intended, just wanted to indicate what's in the files. Also, I include photos of less than stellar quality when they convey useful information not available in any other photo. Good viewing!

Mike Merritt

Big Island of Hawaii, windward, rainy side, 740 feet (225 meters) elevation

165 inches (4,200 mm) of rain per year, 66 to 83 deg F (20 to 28 deg C) in summer, 62 to 80 deg F (16.7 to 26.7 Deg C) in winter.

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Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

That Astrocaryum jauari is really a magnificent palm...I hope I can manage to germinate a few seeds of this species but they are rather difficult indeed.

I didn't notice that Oenocarpus minor and Geonoma aspidifolia both had new red emerging leaves. It's very nice to check how the species look in habitat.

Sirinhaém beach, 80 Km south of Recife - Brazil

Tropical oceanic climate, latitude 8° S

Temperature extremes: 25 to 31°C

2000 mm average rainfall, dry summers

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Mike,                                                                                     Thanks for the link to your photos, very nice photography and subjects. Great Palms, I hope those ants are not carrying them away!

                Regards, Mike

Ps. I realy liked the pink Dolphin pics.

Zone 5? East Lansing MI

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Great pics mike!! Wonderful pictures of the amazon and other locations. I looked at all your albums. Thanks!!

Dave Hughson

Carlsbad, Ca

1 mile from ocean

Zone 10b

Palm freaks are good peeps!!!!!

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That worm is huge!!!!!

Matt Bradford

"Manambe Lavaka"

Spring Valley, CA (8.5 miles inland from San Diego Bay)

10B on the hill (635 ft. elevation)

9B in the canyon (520 ft. elevation)

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Very nice photos Mike.  When can we see photos of beginnings in the Merritt Hawaiian Garden?  I will be visiting later this year.

Tampa, Interbay Peninsula, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10A

Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10B

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